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Meet William


Hi, I am William Tomkins. I’m thankful to God because at 74 years of age I have:

  • Good Health, Good family, Good friends 

I am living my life’s dream as an artist. My earliest thoughts as a child were of being an artist.

Growing up I was the 6th out of 11 children in my family, and so I was left largely to fend for myself in a large and bustling family. Early in life I learned “if it is going to be it is up to me,” and that encouraged me to take my life and my future into my own hands.

At 11 or 12 years of age I paid $8.00 per month from my paper route earnings for Art Instruction Schools Correspondence course to learn the basics of Drawing. As a teen I took community art classes, where I was encouraged to “take my art further” because they saw raw talent shining through my early efforts.

I continued to pursue my artistic education, taking art classes at the local university. I loved it and I did well, growing and expanding my skills and my artistry.

As life carried on, I married and was blessed with three healthy beautiful children. My priorities shifted to earning a solid living to care for my family. But, even though I took a hiatus from my art, I endeavored to keep my desire warm, continuing to take art classes when available.

My desire never faded.

The years passed in a blink and I found myself 60 years of age, married for the second time and with my fourth child, a son who was 8 years old. Life was busy and life was beautiful.

Around this time a career change opportunity opened for me, and it freed up some time to focus on my original passion; my art. I found a great art mentor Sergey Malina and took a couple of classes weekly and faithfully for about 12 years.

69 years of age: DECISION TIME! I found myself asking; “what am I going to do for the rest of my life?” Along with my wife and son we moved to the United States of America from my homeland of Canada. After learning what was needed to settle in our chosen location of south Texas, I purchased The Art Bar Paint Studio in Spring, Texas.

This investment fulfills 3 needs in our lives:

First, it allows me and my family to live in the United States. Second, it allows me to serve people with my talents and abilities, teaching people to relax and enjoy a stress-free time with family and friends. Third, it allows me to be the “artist” I have always wanted to be.

Visit us for a relaxing and inspiring time with your family and friends. Come join me on my adventure! ~ William Tomkins – 346-386-3118

William's Art Bar Paint Studio